Characterisation benches PV modules at SIRTA

The "PV1" bench


This platform consists of 5 PV modules of different technologies and manufacturers (Sharp, FranceWatt, SolarFrontier, Panasonic and FirstSolar). It was installed in 2014.
A one-off study hosted 2 IBC modules connected to an inverter.

An I(V) is measured every minute from sunrise to sunset by electronic variable loads. PV module temperature, POA irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed are also measured. Daily monitoring is provided, including a real-time web display.

PYTHON programs are developed for :

                                                     - quality control of measurements
                                                     - processing of measurements
                                                     - comparisons with models



The "Tracker" teaching bench


This pedagogical platform has been financed by the laboratories (LPICM, LIMSI, LMD and GeePs) as well as by IDEX Paris-Saclay (innovative pedagogical platforms) and LaBex LaSips.
It is accessible to all courses at the University of Paris-Saclay and the IPP.
It enables performance studies to be carried out as a function of inclination and orientation, to carry out shading studies, to compare the production of fixed installations and solar trackers, etc.
Training courses used: Ecole Polytechnique, REST and STEEMS Masters, TEC pro Licence, PIE Master, IUT Orsay...











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