Electromagnetic and Multiphysical Modelling

The "Centre d'Expertise Modélisation Électromagnétique et Multiphysique" (CE-MEM) is the result of a historical experience and a major role played by the laboratory in the implementation of numerical models and the development of simulation tools related to "Electrical Engineering".

 This expertise can be found in the different research topics carried out within the GeePs poles and themes. The researchers of the laboratory are led either to develop new dedicated simulation tools, or to use free software, or to use commercial software. An important mission of the Centre of Expertise concerns the diffusion of know-how.

The objectives of the Center of Expertise are the following:

1. To ensure the capitalization and dissemination of expertise related to modeling and digital development work. It aims to promote the dissemination of modeling/simulation tools between the different GeePs themes and poles. To this end, it organizes thematic presentations for a better dissemination of skills around methods and software.

2. To set up scientific animation internships at the M2 level in electromagnetic and multi-physics modeling and in connection with the research themes of the laboratory.

3. To identify, share and optimize the computing resources used and distributed between the different poles and sites in coordination with the CRI (Centre de Ressources Informatiques). In this respect, the Centre of Expertise promotes internal communication and remote access to digital simulation tools.

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