Integrated Electronics, Circuits and Systems

The ICS (Integrated Circuits and Systems) theme aims to integrate on a single microelectronic chip a complete system from sensor to digital processing to meet societal challenges such as mobility, communications, space, health and also defence. This may involve instrumentation, detection, information conversion or advanced processing systems. Innovative mixed (analog-digital) architectures and optimal design methods are studied in order to minimise the size and consumption of the systems and ensure the stability of their performance in terms of temperature. The theme covers both the RF and low frequency domains with a high-precision problem. Neuromorphic design approaches and the integration of pre-processing as close as possible to the sensor are the preferred trends within the theme at present. 

- Keywords :

Microelectronics, integrated electronics, front end electronics, mixed-signal electronics, RF electronics, digital electronics, Smart sensors, Embedded intelligence, IoT

- Activities and expertise


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