Activitie and Expertise

The research activities are subdivided into four axes:

  • Axe 1 : MEMS & Micro-energy sources
    This axis is dedicated to the development of new micro-resonators based on electrostatic MEMS or piezoelectric, magnetostrictive and multiferroic materials.
  • Axe 2 : Sub-millimetre & spectral imaging detectors
    This axis focuses on the development of new THz detectors & imagers and new photo-detectors with high spectral resolution.
  • Axe 3 : Mono-spectral & multi-spectral bio-sensors
    This area addresses the development of new electromagnetic sensors (magnetic, microwave, broadband optics) for the characterization of a biological environment.
  • Axe 4 : Advanced Multiphysical Behaviour of Materials
    This axis is dedicated to the description of the coupled behaviour of ferroic and multiferroic materials. 

Capteurs, Matériaux Fonctionnels (CMF)